Thursday, 7 October 2010

My Radio Debut

This week I am appearing on the Pete Ross M-Town show, on GFN-FM 98.7. You can listen online at I'll be talking about viral videos, chatting with Pete about the top 5 of the week. These are the videos you see everywhere online. Facebook, Twitter, in your inbox. They range from the sublime, to the ridiculous, to the downright nauseating. And then, of course, you have your cute animals.

Hopefully this will turn into a regular slot and I'll post the videos on the blog. The show airs from 2000-2200 Korean time, about 1200-1300 GMT. I've never done radio before, but have always been keen on it. Nonetheless, recording today was a bit nerve-wracking... I had to simultaneously think about what I was saying (something I'm not used to) and keep my accent under control - many people here have difficulty understanding what I'm saying, and that's just the Americans.

I've been told I'll grow into it.

Here's hoping.

Oh, and if anyone's seen any good videos, be sure to let me know.

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