Sunday, 7 December 2008

Brightback Morning Light - Motion To Rejoin Album Review

Desert dwelling hippies return for another album of perfectly pedestrian goodness

Occasionally, records come along that reflect perfectly the place from which they emerged. Adynamic duo Brightblack Morning Light are based in the New Mexican desert and appropriately, their music is mono-paced, self contained and unashamedly lethargic. It's as if they refuse to step up a gear for fear of burnout. Much like their eponymous debut album, though, Motion To Rejoin’s apathy to upping the tempo is what makes it so ultimately enjoyable; to get worked up about it would be missing the point. Instead, sit back, relax and let yourself become intoxicated by the languid blues, the bursts of gospel (Another Reclamation) and the warm, asphyxiating psychedelia (Hologram Buffalo) that converge on this utopian delta of Southern American sounds. None of these genres, though, emerge victorious from Motion To Rejoin: none can escape the hoover-like haze that consumes each one, fashioning a record of coagulated, comforting sonic valium.


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