Sunday, 6 December 2009

Quizzle My Shizzle

I used to do a monthly quiz for The Skinny, the imaginatively titled Quiz Time With Uncle Finbarr. I think it's about time I started posting them on the blog. Anyone who fancies their chances, either email me at, or leave answers below.

The first one I'm posting is the one from this month's issue, which I did along with Dr Paul, the Quizmaster from DP Quiz. I will post most of it, I only came up with the music, film and art questions though. So cheers to Paul for the rest.

1. Which Beckett play brought together Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Simon Callow at the King's Theatre in April?

2. Complete the title of Scottish Opera's autumn production, The Italian Girl in _______?

3. Which of Scotland's brutally opressed minorities were the subject of a Helen Cuinn play at the CCA in November?

4. What was the title of Tim Key's Edinburgh Comedy Award winning Fringe show which sounded like a whore at a ballet?

5. Which 3 letter word was the name of New Writing nights at the Tron and the Traverse?

6. Which Aston Villa fan told The Skinny in April that he might consider being Poet Laureate, but only if we get rid of The Queen?

7. Which Scottish town is so posh that it host's the country's only regular dedicated poetry festival, every March?

8. On which party island did Stephen Gateley's party come to a premature end?

9. In June, which Charlie's Angel might have got more coverage for her demise if she hadn't popped off on the same day as Jacko?

10. Patrick Swayze lost his battle with cancer this year but in which year did he star in epic surf movie 'Point Break' and was named 'Sexiest Man Alive' by People magazine?

11. Which dead Beatle got a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame this year?

12. Which comedian was the former 'better half' of Kevin McGee who killed himself in Edinburgh in October?

13. Perhaps the most important band member since Bez, of which Skinny cover stars is Maxim Reality a member?

14. They’ve probably got the worst name in rock music, but Monsters of Folk’s debut album wowed us this year. Who are the four band members?

15. Cybraphon is the latest whacky BAFTA winning creation by which unpredictable, but awfully nice Auld Reekie arts collective?

16. Known more for its baked delights than rock and roll, from which European country do alt-rockers Mew originate?

17. Which sandpaper throated sexpot turned up alongside Jack White in the Dead Weather this year?

18. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I wasn’t on the job,” is a particularly good quote from the irrepressible Brian Clough. Which film was made about Ol’ Big ‘Ed’s life this year?

19. Van Diemen’s Land was a showcase film at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival. But what devilish name is the real life area known as today?

20. Eurovision launched the illustrious careers of Dana International, TATU and, er, Jemini, but the Junior Song Contest was the subject matter of which hit movie this year?

21. Russell Crowe played streetwise hack Cal McCaffery in which political drama, released this year?

22. Owen Wilson overcame personal trauma to feature in perhaps his most creatively challenging, leftfield role to date in which pet thriller of 2009?

23. Which celebrated indie icon exhibited a set of drawings, Wildlife, which were chronologically ordered to track his progressive recovery from cerebral haemorrhaging?

24. Which member of the Monty Python troupe presented a BBC 4 documentary on the Scottish Colourists? A far cry from The Life of Brian...

25. Ben Ottewell is the gravelly throated singer from which Southport indie band?

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