Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Postmarks - Memoirs At The End Of The World Album Review

Florida trio go cinematic on sophomore outing

Even before you reach the stately, Bond-befitting strings that dominate large parts of The Postmarks second album from the outset; prior to hearing the flamboyant horn bursts and sultry Hollywood harmonies, the front cover – a mock-up film poster – ought to give you an idea as to what lies within. Memoirs At The End Of The World is a record to soundtrack big-screen kisses, happy endings and reels of cinema’s most saccharine shots. But if every moment has its music, then every album most certainly has its time. For this one, try driving top-down, carefree along the freeway, but it might be too much to take on a freezing February morning in Govan. Each track is pleasant – some, like I’m In Deep and Go Jetsetter, are great – but over thirteen tracks, things are a little too sweet, polished and, well, Hollywood. It’s as if Camera Obscura OD-ed on Vicodin. And I don’t think anyone wants that, do we?


Written for The Skinny

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