Thursday, 11 February 2010

A Delightful Proposition

I've written about Deer Tick here before. They're a band I've loved for a while and when I caught their show in Manchester a couple of months back, they blew me away. In fact, I said as much. The piece was published by Fresh Underground Culture Magazine and the band saw it and they liked it. Or in their own words: "I think it's the only review of them that we've ever LOVED."

I had an email from the manager Ian last week asking me if they could use the piece as their official bio. I can't say how happy and honoured I am. It's tough to get a little bit of recognition in this game, so when it comes as good as this, I feel a bit humbled. The thing is, I didn't get paid for the piece and it's not very often that I do. Music journalism is a mug's game in many respects. The joy of seeing your name in print fades with time. It really is a labour of love, so when the fruits of your labour gain recognition like that, it makes it all seem worthwhile.

I'll post a link here when it becomes available.

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Ally Brown said...

that's really cool!