Thursday, 15 April 2010

Three Blind Wolves - Sound of the Storm Album Review

Ross Clark’s first album You Brought Evil (2009) was one of significant promise: a spacious, nebulous record, built around the Glaswegian singer’s distinctive voice. On Sound of the Storm – from Clark’s new band Three Blind Wolves – his voice is again to the fore, but this time it’s the centrepiece of a multi-pronged, country rock outpouring. The promise of his debut is realised in full; the tracks which have been recycled from it are more rounded and polished, revitalised by a fuller sound. From the gorgeous, tender Emily Rose, to the spring-stepped Hotel and the epic eponymous track, his full song writing canon is on display here, and it sounds mightily impressive. That Ross Clark is doing a better Jim James turn than the My Morning Jacket frontman can muster these days should be cause for the Kentucky native’s concern, but one for just about everyone else to celebrate.


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