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Q Magazine Track Of The Day 18/02/09

Jason Lytle of Grandaddy - Flying Thru Canyons

Modesto, California's most unassuming sons Grandaddy were as unlikely heroes as you'll ever come across, but when they disbanded in 2006 the the lo-fi, DIY shaped gap they left in the music industry was telling. Equal parts ELO and The Flaming Lips, their preoccupation with robots, obsolete household appliances and straight-up heartbreak was strangely endearing but utterly captivating. Over the course of their four studio album-long career, Grandaddy seamlessly stitched such oddball subject matter to lush melodies, winning legions of admirers.

Lead singer Jason Lytle was the only band member to tour their final record, Just Like The Fambly Cat, as they bowed out in typically low-key fashion. Until recently, not much was heard from Lytle, but he has just popped up with a guest slot on M Ward's new album, Hold Time. It's a timely arrival, and coincides with the announcement of his first solo effort, Yours Truly, The Commuter, on Anti-Records.

It's news that should delight all fans of the band, not least because many of the song titles (see I Am Lost (And The Moment Cannot Last), This Song Is The Mute Button) could easily have been lifted from a Grandaddy record. The first cut from the album to be made public, is Flying Thru Canyons. It's a slow, piano led track that, pleasingly, recalls Jed The Humanoid and Underneath The Weeping Willow from Grandaddy's breakthrough 1998 release, The Sophtware Slump. Yours Truly, The Commuter is released on May 19.

You can hear Flying Thru Canyons here

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