Friday, 20 February 2009

Q Magazine Track of the Day 19/02/09

Alex Roots - Don't Stop Looking

In the pop-princess-with-attitude stakes, Britain is in grave danger of being left behind the leading pack. New Zealand has been mockingly thrusting Pip Brown (Ladyhawke) in our faces for the best part of a year. America's potty-mouthed diva Katy Perry's kiss-and-tell antics have seen her hog column inches and chart positions in equally obscene measures. Even Canada has gotten in on the act: the blueprint for punk-pop sprites worldwide, Avril Lavigne, has now sold over 30 million records.

It would seem the hopes of a nation lie in the fortunes of16-year-old Alex Roots, who combines the looks of Ladyhawke and the feistiness of Perry with the hook-driven sugar-punk of Lavigne. And it's all delivered in an English accent.

Today's track Don't Stop Looking is taken from her forthcoming album, Adrenaline Rush and is a slice of playful, infectious electro-pop that's as much a throwback to iconic trendsetters Lauper and Wilde as it is a reflection of any of Roots' peers. The musical dials are set for the summer of '88 here, with Wyld Stallyns-esque guitar solos wailing over the top of an effervescent synth riff. Chances are this one will stay in your head for a while. Roots' debut single Fake is out on March 30, with the album to follow in June.

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