Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Various Productions and Gerry Mitchell - The Invisible Lodger Album Review

Gerry Mitchell teams up with folk dubstep crew Various Production on a bleak, harrowing affair

To refer to Gerry Mitchell as 'Old Misery Guts' wouldn't do his recording persona justice. The man is as dour as they come. Last year's Ragged Garden release with lush orchestral outfit Little Sparta served up an interesting proposition: his spoken word vitriolic bile spouted forth upon Sparta's warm, welcoming musical arrangements. It was a chalk and cheese marriage that worked a treat. His latest effort, with dubstep artists Various Production, is lighter on juxtaposition, generally heavier on doom and resultantly isn't much fun at all. It’s one thing to suggest all music should be injected with B-52s levels of Prozac-flavoured vivacity, but listening to The Invisible Lodger on your tod is enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies; and when played in company it’s a sure-fire way to clear the room. Sinister, dark and morose, but not in a good way: I would call it graveyard grime, but that sounds much too interesting.

Originally published in The Skinny

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